About Us

We have a story to tell

We at The Sock Gallery have a fascinating story to tell, The identically looking and identically thinking twins Marcus and Mario Taylor realised the need for tailor-made socks for the public. That path-breaking decision paved the way for a new trend, a new breed, and a new concept in socks. The Sock Gallery was not born overnight. We brewed on it for months together. The outcome was epoch-making The Sock Gallery, making waves. Many were astounded, looking at our dedication and quest for perfection.

The walk-in sock studio in a sprawling 1700 square feet place (from the 4'x 6' retail mobile unit of 2015) in 2017 was merely revolutionary. A lot of eyebrows were raised of the brand new concept of a studio for socks where you can get the socks made precisely as per your specification in one hour flat. We have a team of dedicated socks professionals having cumulative expertise of few decades comprising of designers, graphic artists, tailors, and finishers to serve you even better every time.

Cutting edge technology is what we use

The fabric we use- 96% polyester /4% spandex- is handpicked to give the utmost functional values. We also deploy the state of the art computer-aided dye-sublimation printer for dye transfer to different media accurately. In the dye- sublimation process, the dye the transformation from the solid to the gaseous stage is smooth and at the optimum heat press level at 400 degrees.

We are proud of bringing to highlight a product that was not considered significant. Our unique designs and unparalleled passion for excellence did attract people who loved socks. Those who admired socks stood and took notice of us. Those with an eye for perfection got excited to get the feeling of real socks. Those connoisseurs of fashion had a sigh of relief at last. A lot of heads were turned at the stunning piece of art.

You will find us everywhere 

You will find us all over in social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Also, you will find our socks as a hot selling item with leading e-commerce sites. And of course, you will find us in reputed retail showrooms. And of course, the prominent place you will find is in covering thousands if not millions of shapely legs all over the world. No, we have not said we are omnipresent, but we are almost.

We believe in teamwork just like you do. We build a relationship just like you do. What a beautiful place we all live in harmony and peace. Our zeal for service, quality, and style beckoned customers from far and wide.

" Happy socks days for you ahead with The Sock Gallery. "